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Positive energy

A beautiful insight appeared while I was reading. That everything every person does is for positive energy.

Even perceived negatives are that persons individual choice of how to best manage their situation and raise their vibrations.

It’s interesting to observe ourselves and become concious of what we do.

Energy is flowing differently every single day. Nothing is fixed.

It’s amazing to learn the dance of life.

I’ve learnt to be at peace no matter what is happening. This is a special practise to strengthen in.

My Grandmother has the most beautiful sense of humour and a loving way of seeing deeply into the truth of situations and our existence.

My Grandma’s love warms my heart.

“Follow whatever interests you,” says my Grandma with a smile.

It’s so true. Our passions nourish our soul.

There is a lot to learn and it’s a precious gift.


Love Ash

You’re Grounded!

Sue Bishop's musings on the paranormal and metaphysical

Ever get that spacey feeling? You know, that feeling of being out of sync with everything? Perhaps you may feel a little confused or chaotic? One reason you can be feeling like this is because you aren’t grounded.

There are lots of reasons why you become ungrounded. It could be because your base chakra is out of whack – think of base chakra consciousness issues such as problems with work, home, finances, individuality, survival mode, the flight or fight response, etc.  Or, it can be because of changes in the earth’s electromagnetism is throwing your earth star out of balance. It can also be  a side effect of the chaos that is happening around the globe and sometimes, even planetary alignments can disrupt your inner equilibrium.

When you are ungrounded if you tune into your aura you will probably find that either the base chakra and the earth star is…

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Faith :)

“Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them. ”
― John Updike

Love is everything

It is the only answer

The highest vibration that uplifts all that we do…

Peace resides within

A tranquil place that is eternal

Each day as we dwell in this unconditional love

We can expand our conscious minds

We can learn more, love more, grow more

We can discover all the parts of ourselves

Light beams brighter than any shadow

Shadows enhance the beauty of the picture

Embrace all the unique parts of you

All of your Soul experience

It’s quite interesting if we pause to reflect

How infinite and beautiful you are

Hugs xxx


Kyle Gray … The Angels are Recruiting You

Kyle has a beautiful message about how Angels are always communicating with us so we can all be lightworkers who brighten the world xo


Divine Love

Welcome to my new website…

Enjoy 🙂 


Going Within

Going Within.

Room to Read Wine Gala


Just four weeks until Room to Read’s Sydney Wine Gala!

Host John Wood
Room to Read Founder and Board Co-chair
with special guests
ABC broadcaster Richard Glover, and
Kall Kann, Room to Read’s Country Director for Cambodia

We are also thrilled to announce a graduate from our Girls’ Education Program will share her personal journey on the night.

Join us for an exquisite menu and matching wines, and of course, a remarkable array of auction items including:

Four nights at the exclusive Aman Resorts at Amanpulo, Phillipines

Your chance to visit a Room to Read school in Cambodia, India, Laos or Vietnam along with 10 nights at a Small Luxury Hotel

Work experience at Monkey Baa Theatre Company

A private cooking class for 8 and lunch at The Red Lantern

Date: Friday 21st March, 6.30pm onwards
Venue: Hilton Sydney, 488 George Street, Sydney
Individual tickets: $275
Tables of ten: $2,750

Bookings: or by calling (02) 8205 4692

World Change Starts with Educated Children.®

Room to Read
PO Box Box R1017
Royal Exchange 1225
Tel: (02) 8205 4692


Self Mastery and fate with the cycles of life

What is a spiritual awakening?

What is a spiritual awakening?.

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