Success breeds success

We all have goals

The hopes and dreams that inspire us

It may be something that has been in your heart since you were a child or it could be a new idea that resonates with something deep within you.

All we have to do to manifest our heart’s desires is have a vision…

Visions make me smile 🙂

See it clearly in your mind’s eye

What motivates you?

My vision is surfing

I love it

It makes me so happy and is so much fun

I love nature and being out in the open ocean riding the waves that come through

It is one of the best feelings in the world

I dream of travelling the world and surfing majestic breaks

Sharing these adventures with fun friends

It makes my heart sing

Today I was walking through the middle of the city when I saw a poster of a famous surfer doing a big cutback

The wave was so clean and perfect

It looked beautiful

There in the middle of the city in reminded me to relax and I smiled

It reminded me of what was truly important

I began visualising myself surfing and was filled with so much positive energy I felt like skipping down the street.

So here I sit knowing that tomorrow I will wake up and run down the beach

Nothing to stop me – not a care in the world

It’s the best feeling

I shifted my attitude and starting being more present

As I awakened I smiled

Life is so beautiful

I begin to notice gifts everywhere

Blossoming flowers, family, friends, a friendly neighbour

The way life is synchronised

It has it’s own rhythm

I began to flow in tune with the days rhythm

Positive affirmations boosted the way I felt about things

My meditation instructor’s voice echoed through my mind,

“Positive, positive, positive… Let all thought go…”

As I exhaled I released and smiled

Bring a smile into your heart”

My heart is smiling

You know how you have those times where nothing seems to work…

“Thich Nhat Hahn says that with impermanence everything is possible,” said my mother reassuringly

“Thoughts are like clouds in a windy sky, conscious breathing is my anchor”

“This will pass,” my mother reminded me when I was emotional one day…

Observing the process of life I see change everywhere

This is so positive

These quotes motivated me:

If you can dream it, you can do it!

If it is humanly possible, it is possible for YOU!

It makes me smile – lots more surfing to do

I am so inspired to get fit and healthy and keep improving everyday

Practise, practise, practise…” the meditation instructor’s voice once again resurfaced in my consious mind.

I noticed how my mind was changing…

I am free 🙂

Thoughts float away and here I am – free to enjoy the gifts of the present moment.

I caught myself in a challenged mood and then thought,

“Hold on a second – this is so unnecessary!”

I opened my eyes and observed the beautiful trees dancing in the breeze,

the colour of the sky and the clouds that were spread across it.

Wow!!!” I thought as I looked around. “What else is there to see?”

I realised how giving a day really is

There is so much to see and do, so many people to meet, so much to discover and explore

It’s available to everyone

Sometimes we do not feel this way

Our mind can distract us and take us on a journey

“Observe,” said my friend. “Observe rather than judge.”

It is a gentle way of being 🙂

Smiling – it’s an easier way to live

I realised there was a massive change in my attitude

I was taking the pressure off by enjoying whatever the present moment has to offer

Acceptance of what is

“If you don’t like the way things are – change it. You are not a tree!”

That quote made me laugh when I read it – it’s so true!!!

I just went on a holiday to Melbourne

I feel so free when I travel

I felt like I began to blossom like a flower

Loving friends and family really do bring out the best of us

We are always supported in one way or another

I truly believe that

Observe how whatever we need manifests

Life is a journey where we are learning

A beautiful gift to cherish 🙂

Begin to flow and trust the day

I feel like there is a force so powerful at work

A loving force that wants the best for everyone

A blossoming flower opens up to us to make us smile

Life is so giving…

Last weekend a friend had talked about Eckart Tolle and how he wrote about a pain body

I like to think of it as an emotional body

It holds pain and releases pain

Once we see it we can seperate from it

I loved this idea

Yet another way to practise freeing oneself

When a feeling arises it does not need to consume us

We are free in the present – I guess it is just awakening and realising this fact

We have habits and behaviours but these too can change

So focus on what makes you smile

We all can shine in our own unique way

Lately I’ve been smiling at how we all have special gifts and how much we can learn from each other.

So embrace the day, your gifts and talents

Express yourself positively and enjoy the journey

May each person smile along the way 🙂

because smiling is contagious and is such a simple way to warm each other’s hearts