Astrology said it

It’s a year when everyone awakens

We are all connected

I know this to be true

My dreams are very clear

Whenever I share them

With the people that appear

They tell me that yes that’s exactly what was happening for them

How fun πŸ™‚

Developing this awareness

Coming from a positive space of pure love

When we are in the right space

Life flows

If we are in a funny space

Life will show us the way

I love this

We are all very loved

Life is a blessing to uplift every being

I believe this to be true

Instinct is everything

Intuition is important

Live skilfully

Take care

Nurture your self

And give your self uncondional love always

If we could do it better we would

Each day an opportunity to develop

The choice is ours

We always have a choice πŸ™‚

Choose love –

it empowers everyone and clears everything

God bless xox

Gordon Bay

Swimming with Dad

Perfect blue

Temperature amazing

Blue Groper

Diving deep

Loving my flippers

Could do this every day

Feeling so free

Lunch at Clovelly Cafe

Overlooking the water

Beautiful experience to share

I feel blessed

Walking at Coogee

So many people

So much life

White angel feathers as I sat on the rocks

Still releasing tears

The result of reflexology

Happy to clear it all

Feeling light and free

Making friends with every shop keeper I talk to

Brand new thongs

Out with the old

In with the new

Back home with Grandmother

Life is feeling complete

Peace flows effortlessly with every day

Opening up to life

It opens up to me

Enrolled in Art and Music

A creative year ahead

Plus lots of writing of course

Many articles already in progress

Plus children’s books

I am slowing down


Appreciating pretty flowers along the way

Loving Summer

And all the shifts that are being made

Transformation is bliss πŸ™‚

I have clear visions

I relax with these

The miracle of Mindfulness

Fulfills everything

Balanced in every moment

The ocean washes it all away

Loving life πŸ™‚

Last night I had dinner with Dad, my Aunt, Simon and his new love

for my Grandmother’s birthday

It was so lovely

Seahorse at The Spot

Our favourite restaurant

I’m interviewing Grandmother

Gathering her life of wisdom

Grandmother has settled my soul

And taught me how to truly live

Everyone that meets her

Falls in love

The most beautiful woman

With a hilarious wit

The house is filled with flowers

A special time of year

We are all feeling happy and clear xox

Look up :)

We were at the North end of a long stretch of beach

“Look up,” he pointed.

There was a love heart shaped cloud written by a sign writer

I smiled

Feeling peace

I flowed on the next wave with ease

The water was crystal clear

It was such a blessing to be in the water

Beautiful signs keep giving me joy πŸ™‚

Surfing memories are always my happiest

It is the best feeling to be in the ocean

A spiritual healer works at my local supermarket

Nicki smiles

“Wow have you ever felt so alive?!”

Every cell sparkles

I am smiling brightly

Lately the ocean has had a powerful force

I feel it even when I’m walking on the beach

My local beach is Heaven

Half the time I have the whole beach to myself

I sprint along the sand

Savouring everything

When I first moved there I saw a big whale

It gave me so much comfort

One day I saw whales jumping with one of my best friends

We watched for an hour

They were jumping like magic

Putting on a show

When I was eighteen my Dad, brother and I did a surf trip up North

We trecked through the bush to our own secret spot

A whale appeared fifty feet from where we were waiting for sets to roll in

The whale was peaceful

He didn’t move much

He was just cruising

Enjoy the spot he was perched.

Dolphins have also appeared so many times

How I love them

Once a solo dolphin popped up right in front of me

When I was studying for big exams the dolphins came to play at whatever end of the beach

my friends and I were surfing

The boys flapped their hands in the water

Ready to play

It was so much fun πŸ™‚

When I had time out of the water

Dolphins would even appear when I was walking

They would comfort me

Their presence so healing

A source of strength

A delightful gift

I count the blessings wherever I am

So much to do and see

Keeping my eyes open

Expands my awareness

To the bliss of everyday xox


Mum bought Grandmother the most beautiful white orchids

They are stunning

Sitting on the dining table

Like a shining dream


“If you love something, set it free” Alison Willcocks

born July 22 1952

New Hampshire Teacher

Head of Bedales C0-ed public school in New Hampshire famous for it’s progressive approach to education

An ancient Chinese proverb that Alison lives her life by.

I loved this for a couple of reasons:

1. It answered my question

What is for you will never pass you by…

2. The teacher’s surname is similar to mine

3. I’m studying teaching

Synchronicity is always occurring

I love how life is like a puzzle

One day at a time

A flower blooms

So beautifully

In it’s own perfect divine timing

You’re daughter will marry a man who completely dotes on her…”

“Truly,” said Mum.

“You’re not supposed to tell everyone!!!”

Your daughter is a writer

tell her to write every day even if it is just the shopping list.”

What about her health,” said Mum

“She is perfectly fine.”

Three truths I’ve held

The writing has been easy

Boys normally don’t last longer than a day

I always choose to walk my own way

The time will come

I’m not too fussed

Magic moments ignite my day

Free I am to flow my way

“You’re in a learning cycle,” said my acupuncturist.

Arn’t you learning for the whole of your life??

“Well of course – that’s what we are here for,” said my Grandmother.


It was flashing in gold neon lights

Repetitively through my friends dream

Good timing too

because I had no idea what was going on

Aha so that’s what’s happening

All is clear πŸ™‚


“FocusΒ on happy memories,” he said…

And so I do

His blue eyes were like pools

Filled with so much love as we floated in the surf

“Yewwwww,” he called out as I rode across the waves

“You’re perfectly fine πŸ™‚ he smiled

We saw a whale jump out of the water

“It’s a sign – someone’s looking after us both πŸ™‚

He made me laugh when my moods began to dance

“I’ll take you away from all of this…”

He took me to the bluest water

And listened as I spoke

White angel feathers fell upon our path

We walk different roads

Journeying down seperate paths

Friends from far but always there

Ready to share the new experiences that occur

He helped me get back to work and uni

And listened as I’d vent

Write your joy

Express it all

Better out than in

Let it go

Enjoy this life

Time is too precious to lose

Hold your head up high

Think of me

We give each other strength

He gave me two blue crystals

“Here have my eyes πŸ™‚

They sit in my crystal glass jar filled with a rainbow of crystals

We smile at our progress

Amazed at how far we’ve come

This is only just the beginning

We are still so very young…

He gave me the reddest roses for my bday

I often think of them

Colour soothes

Love heals

AllΒ it takes is a drop of understanding

Wisdom listens

A bucket full of compassion

A year filled with bliss

I want the best for you

I want to see you smile

This you have to do for yourself

This I know you can…

And so I still continue to dream

Standing on my own two feet

Gathering strength with every day

A free spirit ready to roam

And appreciate the way


I feel like I’ve been daydreaming half the day

“You’re just processing everything,” said a friend…

And so I flow.

Fortunately writing helps ground me πŸ™‚

It’s a safe alternative to express myself.

My Grandmother turns 87 tomorrow

I feel so inspired…

Grandmother is the most beautiful woman I know

Refined, diginified, graceful and with the best sense of humour I’ve ever known

A life filled with so much experience

Grandmother’s peace and love

Has taught me how to truly live

“Don’t worry – you’re only young – you’ll learn,” Grandmother said with love

as my moods spun out of space…

“You worry about things you don’t have to,” Grandmother smiled.

Soothing words that fixed everything.

All we have to do is be present and enjoy πŸ™‚

I cherish what I have

My family is amazing

Last Saturday was my brother’s 30th bday celebrations

He is another inspiring soul

He has lived so fully and always has a clever answer

Years ago he gave me beautiful rosary beads

“Go and clear whatever it us up within yourself –

You can do it!

I believe in you πŸ™‚

He has made me laugh so many times

And when I had years out of the water due to my health

I felt peace of mind

Knowing that he was surfing perfect waves

He guided me with snippets of advice

I love when people are succinct and speak right through it

“If you have all that energy to talk as much as you do- then I’m sure there is nothing that you cannot do πŸ™‚ Take it slowly – you’ll be fine πŸ™‚

So I transformed my ways and channeled it all into a constructive means…

The pen is mightier than the sword

I always wanted to be a positive news Journalist

Negative stories upset me too much

I wanted to focus on what was beautiful

I tuned out for a good few years

Daydreaming to surfing videos –

they brought me peace

I would dance around the loungeroom to the music

My brother would laugh

My old neighbours were young kids

They loved coming over to dance

They would bring all of their friends

And I would let them go crazy

“This is so much better than ballet school!”said Chelsea.

“Good idea Chels πŸ™‚ Maybe I can start my own class –

where all the kids can dance free.”

Chelsea loved this idea.

When I moved away Chels got upset.

“I can’t even look at your old home now – It’s too depressing!”

We have the most beautiful friendship, her sense of homour is hilarious.

Chelsea visited me everyday since she was three years old

On her first day of school she tapped on my door to show me her uniform

It melted my heart…

“Can I catch what you’ve got?” said Chelsea one day, her big eyes concerned

“No, it’s not contagious,” I said.

With great relief Chelsea cuddled me

“Oh good :)” then Chelsea continued to entertain me

The funniest little girl

Every day she would come home and teach me what she learnt in school

We wrote creative stories together.

When Chelsea began to cleverly construct and spell proper sentences she was so excited,

“Oh my God I’m learning how to read and write!!!”

Her ecstasy filled the room πŸ™‚

It was such a special moment

Chelsea is definitely an angel –

Heaven sent

Life always provides us with what we need –

at exactly the right time

I count my blessings as I journey forward

So much to look forward to

So much to enjoy πŸ™‚

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