Australia Day Eve – free to flow

The rain is pouring
I love it though
Like a comforting blanket
I can see miles of clouds

My Grandmother lives in the highest point of the area
We can see for miles
All of Sydney
The Blue Mountains rise high far in the distance

To the right the bustling city
To the south the airport
We watch planes land

It’s a different perspective
A bird’s eye view
My Grandmother watches from the kitchen

“It’s amazing how many trees you can see?!” Grandmother marvels.

The trees make her smile.

Rainbow lorikeets come to visit.
Brightening every day
They all have their own character
A blessing to entertain

Angela across the road is really spiritual
“I put up harmony bells…
Windchimes that resonate at perfect pitch.”

They have the most soothing sound
You can hear them tinkle in the wind

“Say prayers,” said Angela,
“That everything happens for the highest good of all.”

This is such a beautiful perspective.
It shifts everything to the positive.
I focus on grace and gentle people with delicate natures.
They bring me peace.

“If you want to feel comforted,” said Angela.
“Pray to Mother Mary…
Focus on her blue divine light.”

And so I do…
Colours begin to glisten.

The green of the trees enhances and as I run towards the sea
I appreciate the sparkling diamonds of light
dancing on the water.

“This year is the year of the water,”
said my acupuncturist today.
“The water dragon is strong.
He ebbs and flows…”

Flow like running water
Dancing together peacefully

Harmony with the waves is effortless

Letting go …

We Float

The tides guide us

And we feel our way

Flowing with the current

Rather than against it

We peacefully build our strength

Momentum is a miracle

The best feeling in the world

Observe the flow and roll with it…

Savouring the ocean spray
We learn from it’s natural ways


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