Look up :)

We were at the North end of a long stretch of beach

“Look up,” he pointed.

There was a love heart shaped cloud written by a sign writer

I smiled

Feeling peace

I flowed on the next wave with ease

The water was crystal clear

It was such a blessing to be in the water

Beautiful signs keep giving me joy 🙂

Surfing memories are always my happiest

It is the best feeling to be in the ocean

A spiritual healer works at my local supermarket

Nicki smiles

“Wow have you ever felt so alive?!”

Every cell sparkles

I am smiling brightly

Lately the ocean has had a powerful force

I feel it even when I’m walking on the beach

My local beach is Heaven

Half the time I have the whole beach to myself

I sprint along the sand

Savouring everything

When I first moved there I saw a big whale

It gave me so much comfort

One day I saw whales jumping with one of my best friends

We watched for an hour

They were jumping like magic

Putting on a show

When I was eighteen my Dad, brother and I did a surf trip up North

We trecked through the bush to our own secret spot

A whale appeared fifty feet from where we were waiting for sets to roll in

The whale was peaceful

He didn’t move much

He was just cruising

Enjoy the spot he was perched.

Dolphins have also appeared so many times

How I love them

Once a solo dolphin popped up right in front of me

When I was studying for big exams the dolphins came to play at whatever end of the beach

my friends and I were surfing

The boys flapped their hands in the water

Ready to play

It was so much fun 🙂

When I had time out of the water

Dolphins would even appear when I was walking

They would comfort me

Their presence so healing

A source of strength

A delightful gift

I count the blessings wherever I am

So much to do and see

Keeping my eyes open

Expands my awareness

To the bliss of everyday xox


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