Gordon Bay

Swimming with Dad

Perfect blue

Temperature amazing

Blue Groper

Diving deep

Loving my flippers

Could do this every day

Feeling so free

Lunch at Clovelly Cafe

Overlooking the water

Beautiful experience to share

I feel blessed

Walking at Coogee

So many people

So much life

White angel feathers as I sat on the rocks

Still releasing tears

The result of reflexology

Happy to clear it all

Feeling light and free

Making friends with every shop keeper I talk to

Brand new thongs

Out with the old

In with the new

Back home with Grandmother

Life is feeling complete

Peace flows effortlessly with every day

Opening up to life

It opens up to me

Enrolled in Art and Music

A creative year ahead

Plus lots of writing of course

Many articles already in progress

Plus children’s books

I am slowing down


Appreciating pretty flowers along the way

Loving Summer

And all the shifts that are being made

Transformation is bliss 🙂

I have clear visions

I relax with these

The miracle of Mindfulness

Fulfills everything

Balanced in every moment

The ocean washes it all away

Loving life 🙂

Last night I had dinner with Dad, my Aunt, Simon and his new love

for my Grandmother’s birthday

It was so lovely

Seahorse at The Spot

Our favourite restaurant

I’m interviewing Grandmother

Gathering her life of wisdom

Grandmother has settled my soul

And taught me how to truly live

Everyone that meets her

Falls in love

The most beautiful woman

With a hilarious wit

The house is filled with flowers

A special time of year

We are all feeling happy and clear xox


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