Thankyou :)

Thankyou to my beautiful friend Christine

Oh how blessed I feel to have you in my life šŸ™‚

Christine is heaven in a woman

Clear as day, loving, understanding, compassionate, insightful

When I felt challenged

Christine said,

“It’s okay – I can feel your energy –

I understand. It’s your energy that matters. People can feel that šŸ™‚

No need to ever worry. Peace always xox”

This relieved me so much

I came to peace and began to flow

All we have to do is be present



Free of story

Loving to each other

People can feel and appreciate that

Every challenge can be dissolved into forgiveness and compassion

At a friend’s house I picked out three cards (in this perfect order):




Three simple words –

So much power

Thankyou for empowering me

The miracle of life

How blessed I feel




We are free

Be who you truly are

Let your light shine through

Live your bliss

Let your talents shine through

Solid grounding is important

A strong, unshakable foundation

I do this through my Spiritual path –

our spiritual resevoir is an infinte source of strength

Through pure love all things flow šŸ™‚

Christine just gave me a Swarovski crystal necklace

It has lipgloss inside

Constructive and classy

Pretty pouty lips

for a big smile

and beautiful words to flow from

A stunning necklace for people to enjoy

with pretty pink sparkly crystals

that help others to smile too

Living bliss

Christine also gave me Stella MacCartney

tennis wear

A red t-shirt

Organic cotton

with the most beautiful image

Sunset, water, tropical islands

Christine has the same

Tennis attire

Game on šŸ™‚

Plus a gorgeous navy skirt to match

Functional, practical womens wear

I am appreciating so much

And feel ever so grateful

Beautiful things I want to share

My words are my gift for you šŸ™‚

feel their peace

uplifted always

A beautiful girl named Grace I work with said,

“Come to Jesus

All is forgiven –

that’s what Grace means šŸ™‚

Grace has always been one of my favourite names

I love this

Today in the bookstore I bought a small floral hardcover bible

so I can take it everywhere and learn

Flowers mean a lot to me

So do butterflies

“Butterflies are a symbol of transformation,” said my friend

I love your t-shirt said another

“Lumiere means light šŸ™‚

I said as we looked at the words printed across it

after I wore it in the surf one day

Everyone is experiencing the same feelings

to a higher or lesser degree

We learn from one another

“Spirit speaks through people to people…”

Grounded, calm and clear

empowering ourselves with pure love and light

because this is our true essence

Our needs will always be met

Live free and give yourself unconditional love

We are here to enjoy ourselves šŸ™‚



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  1. ash
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 11:21:59

    Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. ā€” Isaac Asimov


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