Red boxing bag

I feel like punching a boxing bag

Hitting it as hard as I can

Swoop after swoop

Hit after hit

I shall never let you bring me down

“Always be on the offensive,” said a boxer friend

Full confidence, posture and esteem

Skill and technique

Is the way to come clean

releasing emotions in a healthy way

“See red,” said a friend

when on the basketball court

Bounce down with agility and speed

Duck and weave around the players

lay up that ball

into the hoop

score every time

You are the star

The lyrical guitar

You are the light who shines so bright

you are the bubble

you have a choice

patience is vital

a settled spirit

I feel movement in my being

strong feelings flow through

I manage them with love and care

Go easy on yourself

The angels say

Disregard the bullshit

Walk away


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