White feathers

White feathers are literally falling on me as I walk

It is so funny and this is very true

I said to my friends


And we watch them float down

They laugh with joy

My friend Jess’s eyes glistened last night

“Look!!!” I said

There were white feathers floating across the road as we drove home


I walked across Centennial park three weeks ago

My body always needs to have rests

A thousand white feathers were in the park

Mum had told me it’s an Aboriginal women’s healing ground

among the paperbark trees

I layed down to rest 🙂


“Grandmother!!!” I said as i arrived home

“There has been more feathers!!!”

My Grandmother smiled

A big beaming smile 🙂


This week I was in the city

I imagined two things:

I wanted to see my brother

and be back on my home beach


Sure enough he picked me up

I had a white feather for him as I jumped in the car

I placed it on the dashboard

And laughed brightly

“It’s an angel!!!”

He smiled


When we were getting close to our home beach

The feather swirled around him

“It just blessed you 🙂

He surfed til late

and he surfed so great 🙂


I hadn’t been to my home beach for years

I had journeyed to another time and place

My memory had been wiped

And as I did more things

It all came back


Upon returning home

I saw an old friend

He could see the glisten in my eye

“You’re back 🙂 Oh I’m so happy to see you doing well!!!”

It filled my heart with comfort 🙂


Yesterday after work

I decided to catch the ferry to Manly

To watch the Australian Open surfing contest

And see my beautiful friends

On the ferry I began to fold my white cotton cardigan

In it I found a feather threaded through

I smiled


Then a feather floated along the floor

I smiled even brighter

They are raising my vibration

to my old beaming self

I have some I have kept…

First from my friend’s Auntie and her partner 

The night before they had asked me what career I want to embark on

I said I am a writer

The next morn they had left me a note with the perfect white feather

A symbol of Angelic intervention

and a Writer’s quill

It sits in a vase in my room

Every day it brings me peace

It reminds me to never give up and always believe 🙂

We have support

Heaven gives us unconditional love

Feel it, breathe it, connect to it 🙂

Live this love

and your light will flow so that you and the people that surround you smile.

Love is the most powerful force there is.

I am still practicing to connect to this peace

Angels are with us all the way

Fluffy white feathers help me enjoy my day 🙂

Hope you see them and feel their loving presence too 🙂

God bless



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stephanie Langevin
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 09:43:23


    I love white feathers too! I am feeling at peace when I am seeing them and the loving message makes me smile. One day, I was in the bathroom of a public cafe and a white feather was nicely displayed on the sink ?! Haha Thank you for this lovely post.
    Stephanie xxx


    • ash
      Mar 06, 2012 @ 10:48:07

      🙂 That’s so lovely to hear. My friends have been seeing them too. They bring me so much joy. They are coming for me so often now and if I havn’t seen one during the day I will think, “I havn’t seen a feather yet. I would love to see one” and sure enough a fluffy white feather will appear. It is bringing me so much comfort and peace as well 🙂


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