my experience

I’m writing about my experience

I feel pretty rattled

“It’s the emotions clearing out,” said The Acupuncturist

I continually find myself wanting to run free

so i sprinted and walked all morn on the beach

and swam out super deep

oh the joy of Life πŸ™‚

memories of nippers when I was 12 came back

how I aim to keep getting ever so fit

It is the best feeling in the world

I go with the flow

and respect my bodies wisdom

my body is communicating with me

every moment

Slow down

chill out


I love where I live

Newport has the best community feel

Everyone is so friendly

Over the years I have made friends with every shop keeper

They knew I was recovering

and were ever so kind and supportive

as they would see me walk every day

smiling along the way

“You’re a strong girl πŸ™‚ said Tony in the fruit shop

he is really funny

every day he makes me laugh

You are walking light

remark the others

I smile bright

Life has unfolded in the best possible way

a supportive job working in the events department

of a very successful hotel

plus studying primary education

I am about to begin tutoring my friends younger brother three afternoons a week

he is seven and ever so wonderful

We just were connecting in his Mother’s fish and chip shop

I asked his interests

Let’s make this fun I said to him

He smiled

I am learning too

And we can learn together

I have a feeling you will teach me a whole lot more

education is such a joy

He wants to learn to play chess really well said his Mother

“That sounds wonderful πŸ™‚ I agreed

My brother used to play lots of games with me

he wanted to make me really intelligent and advanced

so he changed the rules to elevate me πŸ™‚

When I had a car accident and was recovering from a brain injury

no one seemed to have the answers though

The feeling was immense and the guidance I got wasn’t very good

I tried to return to a normal life

but things were not quite right

It’s been a funny experience

i have learnt to step back from it and view it as interesting

This shifts everything into a positive



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