psychic channel

nearly seven years ago I was with my friend

down the coast

beautiful bush bliss

perfect escape

I needed to escape

i was mega stressed

upon reflection

pressure I had only put upon myself

a coping mechanism

the best way to cope is to nurture your self

and give your self unconditional love

spend time with good people

and know you deserve the best

behave with respect…


I was nineteen and a half

I walked into the spiritual store

drawn straight to the crystals on the floor

the lady that worked there

came to me

she began to cry as we connected

“Why are you crying?” i asked

“the angels are crying though me…

they are saying

You are much too harsh on your self”

I still pray to alleviate this

why i have this pattern in me

goodness knows

I pary to clear it everyday

to honour who i truly am



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