clear guidance

For me

Writing has always been my gift

It comes naturally

Like breathing

I don’t even have to think about

words flow effortlessly

I have been studying primary education and working in hospitality

I am about to start tutoring a friend’s younger brother three days a week

My path feels clear

I accept wherever I am at

I understand why I am here

I know myself very well

The Ash Tree

I grew my roots firmly into the ground

Solid grounding

A strong support

For a tree to grow

Trees bend and flex in the wind

They return to their strong centre

My leaves are bright green

glistening in the sun

I appreciate all the bird calls where I am

The vast rolling hills

All the trees I can see

As well as having a beach close by

And a beautiful still waterway

where all the boats are parked

I feel like all of my senses are awakening

Writing clears what has been stored within

Energies to release and allow to dance free

Floating away with the beautiful sea

This morning I woke early

A clear still morning

The beach is flat

Filled with seaweed

One surfer appeared

The waves were in harmony with he

They danced together

And he flew free

I was amazed

Ask and ye shall receive


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