The Angel Feather and what it means


 I asked my Angels to comment on the Angel Feather phenomenon and what the Angel Feather signifies. Here is the channelled information that I received:

Angel feathers signify different things at different times. When there are many feathers, or feathers arranged in such away that it does not look random the angel involved is really calling out to you to get your intention. For example, for your own recent bereavement they were there to show and remind you that there is a higher purpose to all events and to remind you to focus on that higher realm. Also, that we are with you in your hour of grief, and that we are with your loved one, embracing him in love and assisting in his smooth transition from physical life. It is to remind you of the perfect divine flow in every event, however sad, or upsetting it seems from the human perspective of being. (This refers to the loss of my beautiful cat Tabby Tiddles)

 My partner says ‘Angel feathers are like text messages from the spirit world’ would you agree? Yes, they are like that, and we urge you that when you see an Angel Feather – if you are unsure of the message we advise that you take the feather or one of the feathers and place it in your purse of under your pillow for up to 5 days and see what dreams, repeated voice messages or insights you receive. That is if the feather is clean and not soiled of course! (Chuckle). By repeated voice messages we mean mind chatter, but clearly defined, phrases that come into your mind. This may even be visions or ideas about a particular place or person. If that person is a celebrity for example, I would say that look at their life and recent history as there is a similar issue or something similar for you to look at or learn by – an issue that you share. It may also be a signpost for something that they are doing, or even like. You would know what it is if you look and trust your knowingness here, it is all learning and the sign of the Angel Feather is calling you to that something in their life that you need to look at too.

 Feathers are used many times in situations where people are consumed or gripped by fear. Often these fears are unfounded, but the mind if left unchecked, spirals out of control. They are there as a reminder that the person is safe and being looked after. If they replace that fear with faith they will feel that safety and protection at a deep level of their being and the fear will diminish. Imagine how a life would be transformed by living from this place of such incredible solid faith

 They also appear as a sign to tell people they are on the right path, or that the course of action or journey they may have been speculating is the right one. This is especially the case where people doubt or do not listen to their inner guidance, getting confused or muddled and allowing fear to stop them from taking a step into their true magnificence. The external sign cannot be dismissed so easily especially as it is given in such a way as it would be impossible to be seen as a random coincidence. Those that see it like that will not think so after 3 or 4 of these Angel feathers appear in such a bizarre manner! Particularly in places where they could not physically have got there by normal means. And so yes, in this sense we use the method of random, bizarre placing of Angel Feather’s to wake people up akin to tickling their consciousness wide awake!

 If you have no idea what the Feather’s have symbolised and don’t seem to be related to a symbol or confirmation of something you have asked for guidance on, then we would say pay particular attention to the number that you see at any one time. They are a herald of important events coming to pass in your life. For example, if you see a group of 7 or experience 7 in a concurrent fashion in one day it is a message to be alert for possibilities in the next 7 coming days. This can be a chance meeting, a new opportunity but whatever happens we Angels are highlighting to you that it is significant.

 With the Angel Feather, we remind you of the white dove, Holy Spirit and that the Angel feather in its simplest meaning represents the purity of spirit and divine spark in all creation.  It is to remind you that the Holy Spirit is at work in your life, and a reminder that you are always connected to that and we want you to pay attention, just open your eyes, feel it, and remember. In cases of affirmation of your path it is a message akin to saying this is the divine path for you at this time in your life. Whenever you see one, acknowledge the divine at work in your life and be grateful for all that you are, and all that the divine has bestowed upon you, embrace your gifts and boldly step into the current path that is being shown to you knowing that we are with you encouraging you and blessing you without judgement each step of the way. Your steps are our steps and your joy is our greatest joy is guiding you!


The Angels-UK Team


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