Confidence is key

“What it taught me was you have to be very confident, even though you’re so self-critical inside about what it is you may or may not know. And that, to me, leads to taking risks.”

Virginia M. Rometty, HBR’s Why Women Leaders Need Self-Confidence


I have a feather and my two blue crystals

“They are my eyes 🙂 said my friend

We will be friends forever!”

We are very different but we both love to surf

Surfing is the same focus we both had after serious car accidents

My friend got to surf a lot more than me though as my injury was different

‘It’s time to let go,’ he said when we first met and I was trying to push him away

“You need people!”

In the same way my best friend said,

“I will never leave your side!!!”

We have the strongest bond

We are like sisters

who have been though so much

yet stayed together

our love so strong

the biggest blessing

A gift we both will treasure forever

“What are you doing?

You could be at the top!!!” said my friend

“You just need a cup of ambition 🙂

And so here I am off

Up, up and away

keen to learn

keen to grow

keen to discover

I feel so much energy bursting inside

I’m settling myself

I trust life

It continues to open up with knew opportunities

My dream has always been to travel the world and write

to have a successful writing career that empowers humanity

and educates people about an intelligent path to follow

I feel so blessed to have awakened

I believe in myself and I believe in life

Enjoy what is to come 🙂

God bless,

Ash xox


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