Mrs Love

Happy days

I am tutoring a tribe of children

All the kids on the hill I used to live on

We bounced on the trampoline

And came up with story ideas




bouncing happy ideas off each other 🙂

“School work is fun with you,” said my little angel C

C learnt fractions

“Let’s take this slow 🙂

It’s the way to go –

everything can be learnt

let’s make it fun

happy, happy, joy, joy

under the sun

My eyes are bright

I’m filled with joy

I found my calling

and it’s the most pleasant gift

Children are miracles

we learn so much from them

how to be present

and appreciate Zen

I shift their minds on subjects they dislike

“Let’s make this fun – like riding a bike 🙂

My other young friend who I tutored one on one

we played the piano to make maths fun

we sang funny songs

as we did our sums

times tables



Time telling

Joy all the way

active minds

playing in the meantime

“We have to get fit –

so our energy circulates

so our positive minds

operate 🙂

God bless humanity with joy xoxoxox

ps Mrs Love is one of my friend’s other tutor

He told his Mum he preferred me

what a positive boost

making teaching a joy

is for you

is for me 🙂

All is well xox


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