Freedom :)

“The relationship is with your self,” said my uncle’s friend 🙂

I smiled

Feeling peace

Right thenI thought I am going to be very positive and very loving

I am going to have patience

And those who test my patience

I’ll give them a big, wide birth

Self-respect is everything

I have made every choice I could to nurture myself

I am kind and loving to myself when I am experiencing emotional pain

I made the decision

I do not deserve to suffer ever

I shall live within my means

I shall protect myself with a shield of loving light

I shall be clear

and free

I call on Jesus to give me peace

when an awful energy tries to intervene

I let it go

It does not deserve my time

I feel sensitive

So I am learning to use this energy constructively

To nurture myself

and release the rest

Love is the greatest power

and so I practise strengthening this

An independent angel warrior of light and light

I focus on bliss xox



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