Archangel Michael

This is funny

I have to run to Uni so just jotting down notes

will expand later

Drowned my phone Narrabeen lake last Thurs arvo

crossing the lake opening bewteen the pool and the beach

In front of people who had told me to cross further down

I went completely under with my two bags

New phone – Bondi post office

Lovely man named Michael served me

We chat Cancer Council sunglasses because they are so good 🙂

for protecting your eyes

I had been listening To Doreen Virtue Angel lady speak of how

Archangel Michael is always present

We can call on him anytime 🙂

I have Doreen Virtue Archangel Michael Angel cards

I love them

Anyway Doreen was collecting stories from people who had instances of a Michael appearing and giving a phone number

I had one on sat

Walking home to my Grandma’s near La Petit Cafe

A yellow sticky not on the ground said Michael, his phone number and address

I added all the numbers up and they added to 4 (the number of angels – also my day force number 🙂

So I felt very happy

Also there are Gabriel units painted a pink loving shade

by my Grandma’s beach

Loving angels everwhere

And coincidences that are no longer coincidences

Just confirmation

that our prayers are heard and answered

That we are loved


valued and cared for

Live you light and shine it bright

Clear your being

Protect yourself with a strong shield of loving pink or purple light

so we only connect in a loving way

and no toxic energy drains us away

Begin a fresh, clear new day

To embrace with love

and enjoy fully

Love Ash xox

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