Grandmother :)

My Grandmother is my role model

Grandmother teaches me peace

How to respond to life with grace, diginity and elegance

With time we refine

We never have to worry

Live clear


Open to all the possibilities and adundance our beautiful lives can bring

I am at ease because I trust the flow

Communicating clearly is wise

Be honest with where you are at

Visualise where you want to be

Enjoy the process


I am learning compusure

Clear compusure

Walking peacefully and mindfully

Not caught up in the rush

Stopping to take time to appreciate and connect

“Take your time,” said the lady in the jewelry store.

“It is all so beautiful!!!” I said.

I love meeting new people and having gratitude for all they do.

Two little girls on the bus today complimented the artworks I was drawing πŸ™‚

“I like that,” said one.

“That’s nice,” said another.

I began to share a lovely story with the girl sitting next to me.

The little girl smiled πŸ™‚


Stories are lovely

They are what we live by

what is your story??


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