The white nun :)

Today I sat down with a green tea in the air conditoned coffee shop

Upstairs at the Royal Village shopping centre

A white nun came into my line of vision

The nun was peaceful

In pure white

Lining up to buy her goodies

The nun brought me complete peace

I smiled

Everything else floats away

Life is clear

Living in the here and now

I choose to take it slow

I choose to flow

I love white nuns šŸ™‚

They are walking peace angels

In human form

Another appeared when I was on the phone to a friend

Standing in the front garden of the church

The lawn was glistening green

Filled with frangipani’s

The presence of a nun walking by

lifted me up šŸ™‚

I observed my posture

and the way I was holding myself

It’s like their energy gives one complete peace

And my being came into alignment

And I smile šŸ™‚


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