Feather wisdom

My friends said I can find lots of feathers in my pillow

but they mean a lot to me:

I know that Mr Quill is my pen friend

And alas

Mum is reading A Biography of Led Zeppelin

When Giants walked the earth


(summary of the Feather part) =

Page and Plant designed their own symbols

“Positioned on the far right of the line, Plant’s sigil – a circle with a feather in it – was chosen by him, he later

explained, because it was a symbol on which all philosophies have been based. For instance, it represents

courage to many Red Indian tribes. I like people to lay down the truth… that’s what the feather in the circle is

all about.’  Whether Plant knew that the encircled feather was originally the sign of ma’at, Egyptian goddess of

justice and fairness, and an occult emblem of a writer, remains unclear – though Page would surely have

known.  The original can be found in the book, The Sacred Symbols of Mu by the interestingly named Colonel

James Churchward.


And so I follow the guidance of life 🙂

My quill is my tool and the page I shall fill

with wisdom to love, guide, protect, nurture and nourish


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