I love April

April makes me smile

April is my bestest friend

April is my joy

April has been there every day

and will never ever go away

our spirits are connected

we dance our joy

we laugh at our favourite things

and focus on whatever makes our hearts sing


we let the sadness float away

to go down the drain with yesterday

we embrace each morning

we lift each other up

Our friendship so strong

Our love one big big heart

we are the light of this beautiful world

we are the angels sent to protect

we guide with our wisdom

and are an example to the rest

we share what we learn

and love without fear

we forgive others

who have no idea


cos we know we can

and we won’t except anything less than our dream men

God bless our beautiful friendship –

always bringing the best out in one another

No less will do

we have high ideals

and care for all of you 🙂


Thankyou Miss April for always being there

I love you dearly and I will always care

Angels protect you and are at your side

Angels know what is best for us both

and give us their love

with a God given oath


Thankyou angels

from above for always enhancing us with your pure love xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo


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