Tall trees

topsy turvy smile

sprinting fast

very agile

jumping hurdles

conquering life

forgiving others

staying out of strife

and so the being flows

with positive love

grateful for the delicate dance

guidance, direction and care

grateful for the differences I observe

how other people express themselves

I take it slow

I learn the ropes

I have big aspirations

and I foster spiritual growth

= love is the answer for everything

have confidence


follow direction

wisdom listens and discerns

the best path for oneself

so many roads to choose

choose love


from Heaven above



melody of raindrops

glisten in the dew

thinking of one another

I always think of you

Ocean sea breeze

refresh my soul

ocean seabreeze

and I feel whole

like a living, beautiful doll

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. Gustave Flaubert


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