Think pink :)

Said my tutor buddy

he could see my mood shift

“You’re not smiling!”

I had been affected by another’s gift of pressure

learning tolerance

de-sensitised to other people’s behaviour

and forms of expression

learning not to let it spoil my day

of course it does interfere though

It didn’t actually help!

There are healthy ways of communicating and there are others

that are just plain rude.

“You don’t need that!” said a friend

‘Don’t even worry or give it a second thought’

and so I practise walking slowly in the fresh air, being one with nature

observing nature

mindful in my ways

but it is still affecting me

and so I am practising

the shifts to empower myself

in one ear and out the other

water off the ducks back

what arises are the changes I would like to see

you know what

I’ll just leave it be…

or knowing what is clever

is respectful, polite behaviour

This has a positive result on both mood and productivity


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