How Do I Use Positive Affirmation?

Published December 28, 2011 | By admin

Viz Mon asked:

Positive affirmation is a product of positive repetition. A person unknowingly creates it when he or she learns to repeat positive words, actions, character, behavior, and attitude until it gets into the system. As experts define it, positive affirmation is a person’s awareness of his or her thoughts, moves, and words everyday. Once a person can perfectly inject and integrate the things he or she wishes to do into action, then that person has learned to apply and make use of positive affirmation.
However, this may not easily work for everyone. Learning the right formula to get positive affirmation into the subconscious requires hard work, sacrifice, and discipline.
The best way to use it is to start with a serious reflection of what you wish to do or to become, most especially the specific areas you wish to improve on. You may be too occupied with life’s comforts and threats that your thoughts might have been juggled up a bit resulting to your being undecided of which path to take. Enough time is needed for self-reflection and meditation to really figure out what the heart longs to do.
Using positive affirmation entails you to delve less on the negative aspects. Instead of thinking what you cannot do and blaming others or yourself for not having done it, it would be best to simply focus on the positive light by thinking about what you can do.
The creation of your affirmation is not done by anybody else but by yourself. From the word “affirm”, it means the self creates, applies, and preserves a certain idea or thought to one’s being.
One way to use it is by constantly reminding yourself about the positive things that you ought to do. Experts suggest that there is no better way to remind yourself about what you can do than by talking to yourself in front of the mirror. The most absorbed messages are those that passed through the eyes. People who talk to you straight in the eye are said to be leaving the most effective messages. It means that you tend to become more receptive if you talk to yourself once in a while and remind yourself about what your heart is longing for. Looking at yourself in the mirror can actually help you magnify the significance of the message which the subconscious mind absorbs.
Another way to use it is by writing them down or jotting down some important positive reminders that you can have access anytime of the day. What the eyes can see is always a good reminder to the brain and the heart as well. Writing it down not just once but several times, like 20 times, can make it more effective.
You can also use positive affirmation by saying it with passion. What comes out of the mouth is deemed powerful as it usually comes as a result of various brain processes as well as a burning desire from the heart. Keeping positive affirmations to yourself is good but it is best when it is put into words and shared with others. Passionate speakers have influenced so many people. If you are passionate enough about what you say to yourself then in due time, you would also benefit from your positive affirmations.

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