And so it goes

the days when you wake up

and your not feeling so sure

but you go with it anyway

and learn so much

Today I realised that my greatest joy is connecting with people

Opening up and having a good chat

Discovering life

Discovering people

where they have been and what they do

what they plan to do

I listen to their wisdom and discover their tips

I read their energy…


Today I met a clear lady on the bus with beautiful blue eyes

On Tuesay morn I met a 90 year old lady named Molly

who was full of beans

I listened to her wisdom and what living a full life means

Attitude is everything

It is important to do

learn skills, connect, take care of the inner you


And so I begin to settle

and with everyday

I know that I have done my best

but there is always an easier way 🙂


To love oneself unconditionally is a very important task

To listen to your inner guidance

To care for you


A quote on a local school billboard read:

Education is about teaching people how to think,

not what to think


And so I choose to think of the the best life possible for me

and then I realise I have it already 🙂

God bless xox


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