“I can see what is going on for you,” he said.

And somehow his love spoke through

but I resisted his love

for I wanted to resolve it for myself.

“You need people!” he said

And he did not leave my side

even though I tried to push him away

he reassured me that it was okay

He stayed with me though an episode

and for the first time I knew what love meant


“I can see who you really are,” he reflected a mirror back to me

and that is when I began to see

He was the friend I had prayed for for so long

Someone true, someone strong


I knew he was only human though

and only Jesus can really save the day

I gave it all to God

and thought of what my divine purpose must be

and that is to always be true to me


“You are not quite being who you really are.

Why suppress it when you can go so far.

You could be at the top

all you need is a cup of ambition

don’t worry about the rest

they were just trying to give you ammunition.”


All people have a preference

and his was not mine

My preference is to be honest, courageous and kind

My pereference is to take the best care of me

and sometimes that means

spending time on my own

so I can be clear about me


All in fine balance

is a very important way

and so I choose to be open and live for today



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