Peace :)

This is so beautiful

Dad and I just went for a surf

The water is the most perfect temperature

When we were driving to the beach

The sign for Fitzgerald Avenue appeared

It sits on the corner

At the entrance of the drive to South Maroubra car park

“Ohhh,” I smiled 🙂

My friend keeps giving me peace

Our surf was so fun

Lots of waves to be had

The water the most tranquil blue

and yes of course there were feathers too 🙂

White feathers floated by

and I smile big

My beautiful friend is giving me his love and peace

and I can feel the biggest release

I smile as I glisten

and my heart begins to sing

Colours are so bright…

The feathers bring me into the present

and I appreciate what is

I look at everything

Reading the waves

and riding free

my dreams have come true

and so I be




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