Sunday 18 March 2012

note this post is a list of notes for me to later work on….


walk Coogee

see Bev

tutor Bali

second half year

Bondi Hillsong April

Simon the fisherman

have hope

miracles are coming

Jesus is ever present

and knows all

Centennial Park walk

white feathers guide me to statue of Charles Dickens

who I discover just celebrated his 200th bday

last month

Today’s it’s Dad’s friend Tom’s bday 🙂

with love and care

we we always be there

Now prepare to go for surf


Layla loves to surf

at Tamarama

with an ocean pool

embedded naturally amongst the rocks

Layla dances across the beautiful blue

her eyes are tranquil turqoise blue

her hair is brown

her smile is big

Layla is a queen

And as the matador’s parasol

whispers it’s wisdom in the wind

I listen

with care

to the words

that are there

for this guides the path for me

writing is the path for me

confirmation has certainly always been there

clever signs pave the way

oh how I listen and enjoy my day 🙂

I felt peace amongst the paperbark trees

It quitened my inner space

The trees put me at ease

My uncle said,

“Please don’t hug the tree

Let it be free,”

And so I giggle as we text back and forth

every day I enjoy my walk

Bless your love

and bless your light

allow it to glisten

and shine so bright

all on track

the path to be had

no comings

no goings

no good

no bad

I have Dicken’s quill

with ink to fill 🙂


Things are neither good nor bad

thinking makes them so – Shakespeare

Just breathe – said the Hawaiian man

who could see I was surrounded by a bubble of white light

I transformed it to pink

with the guidance provided by my angel book

protected, guided, loving care

The life of love is always there


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