Every experience

every breath

teaches us

Lessons come around again and again

It’s a cycle

If we don’t learn it the first time

The lesson will appear again

Yesterday awakened me

“Treat people the way they want to be treated,”


Clear communication is very important

I settle myself

and I leave things be

I practise living clarity

“Be kind to yourself,” said a lady at the Japenese cafe near my Grandmother’s house.

And so I practise.

“Practise your mindful breathing,” suggests Mum.

“Breathe when someone is sharing information with you.

Breathe 🙂

It will centre and ground you.”

And so I practise

Life moves fast

and so I choose to take it slowly

I say prayers that my communication will flow with grace

That people will understand where I am coming from

Few words

Less words

more listening

And so I practise

I begin 🙂

It is 7am

I settle myself

The day began with a bit of angst

concerns from yesterday

It’s okay 

from somewhere within

And then I remember his face

I think of a flower

Looking out my window I see a big palm tree

The perfection of nature grounds me

Human behaviour is a curious thing

I practise inner stillness 

Bless xox


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