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Cracking the Children’s Market

Code: 211  |  Type: Panel   |  Genres: PublishingChildren & Families

Sunday, May 20 2012 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Free, no bookings
Philharmonia Studio, Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay Venue & Transport Info
Chris Morphew, Sue Whiting, Emily Rodda, Hilary Rogers (facilitator)

Sydney Writer’s Festival


How do we learn best?


When we are enjoying the experience

when we are interested

when we are having fun

when we feel calm, relaxed and positive

when we feel safe

when we are enjoying the company

when we are enjoying the topic

when we have positive reassurance

an esteeming environment

a sense of belonging

when we feel good 🙂


This is healthy



I was chatting to my friend

about developing my writing career


“As a writer you are quite exposed,” said my friend.

“Yes,” I agreed.


Initially I was quite private with my words

Then I realised that it is wonderful to be open

By sharing and opening up

my energy flows freely

I begin to feel the parts of myself

that I am uncomfortable with


“Every human feels that about parts of themselves,” said another friend.


As humans we learn

we grow


I observe strengths in people

I learn from their graceful flow


The miracle of existence




We learn everyday

I love to open my eyes

Expanding my awareness

Cruising along at a mindful pace

enjoying everything


In my children’s books

I want to communicate clear messages

that make children laugh and appreciate everything in life


I was given advice

focus on the everyday

Everyday activities that children can identify with

keep the language simple 

so children understand what the words mean


Rhythm and rhyme

Poetic words flow

they sound beautiful when read aloud

I love reading to children

I love listening to children as they learn to read

The excitement, the wonder, the enchantment

as they begin to understand words and language


Words are very important

they convey meaning and feeling

they teach us

they guide us

they help us learn and discover


I’m going to draw on all of my experiences

My travels

My hobbies

my friendships

my family

the wonderful skills that people have

the wonderful things that people do

opening up the world for others

learning about other’s worlds

Different people

different cultures




Be inspired by the everyday


I have so many ideas

I’m reading and researching

the inspiration is on full flow

So I settle myself

and have gratitude for such a beautiful afternoon


I can see lots of trees

smell fresh air and hear the bird calls 



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