Happy heart :)

1. I focus on flowers, nature, sounds, birdcalls, the beach, the ocean, colours

– This brings me into the present moment and I feel completely aligned

completely fulfilled

“The connection is between you and God,” said Nicki Last.

We learn from listening to our inner guru.

We learn from each other.

Stay true to you.

Give your being unconditional love –

unconditional love and patience.

The learning process is exactly that –

a process.

Rush to nowhere.

Give everything time.

Learn yourself.

Forgive, release and clear everything

so you are light and you are love.

Enhance these feelings by beaming a big bright smile.

Story exists.

Story is story.

Accept and have immense gratitude.

The human condition plus the spiritual exist.

Hand in hand.

Ground oneself using these methods:

 – walk barefoot in the natural world




feel peace

follow your bliss

have a balanced life

be present

be patient

be very mindful….


What makes you heart sing?

What makes you come to life

and your inner child delight in enthusiam?

Observe everything…

What makes you smile?


Love – is everywhere.

See it, feel it, embrace it,

ground oneself in love.

Bath in it.

Love the sunshine 🙂

and the great big surf.

What a special day.

My heart sings with gladness.

I appreciate all xox


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