I think of you everyday 

I feel you with me

Now it just feels so normal

that I feel grounded, calm and clear

Thankyou for making me smile 🙂


I ponder many things

I research into what I question

Your friendship is no question

Your love is real and true

Thankyou 🙂


It’s funny to think that all of my memories

could have been wiped

Day by day they return

the more I do

the more I learn

And yet it is your smiling face

that fills my being with so much grace


The way you looked at me at the party 

As you sat on your chair and I filled up my cup

I looked at you

Your being was glistening

You were filled with so much excitement

These memories are so vivid and real

It doesn’t even feel like you could be in some other form

Mum believes you are my guardian angel

My Acupuncturist said that time and space

make no difference to friendship

the bonds are so strong

the bonds are there


Do you know how much it fills my heart with love

that you are giving me your love 🙂

Do you know the effect this has on me?

You have brought me back to life

You are doing everything you can to give me strength

and guide me through


It may not seem real to another

“How could that be?” they may say.


It doesn’t matter for your other friends and loved ones also know the truth.

That your love is still here

and everyday it is more clear.


Two Saturday’s ago

a hibiscus fell on my path, then a white feather,

then the word ‘love’ engraved in the pavement.


“That was a clear message!!!” said my friend Suze.

We smiled 🙂


I allow my being to release.

Your love gives me peace.

I love you too 🙂

God bless xoxoxoxoxox


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. ash
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 14:24:54

    Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.
    Marsha Norman


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