Spiritual healing

On Tuesday this week I had a healing with 

my friend Nicki Last.

Check out http://www.hearthealingheart.com


Nicki works in my local supermarket.

Nicki has been there for me and supported me through so much.

Her insight is amazing.

Nicki understands what is happening and has the answers to fix it 🙂


Slow down…


And so I begin to listen 🙂

Listening is very important.


“Listen to your inner guru,” said Nicki.

“This space is all about you.

Let’s start with what you are experiencing right now in this moment…”


A story rolled out of me

a story that has been on repeat for so long


“This story is not who you are,” said Nicki.


I was well aware.


“I feel like I need to ground and centre myself,” I said.

Nicki understood.

“Yes I can see that your energy is scattered,” Nicki observed.


Nicki’s advice came as such:

stamp your feet on the earth, play a drum, do body tapping exercises,

practise Mindfulness, journal your experience, listen,

listen to Spirit, listen to your inner guidance system, listen to your whole self,

connect to God 🙂


As I lay on her massage table Nicki cleared my being.


“Oh wow,” said Nicki as she had finished her work.

“Your heart. Oh my gosh….”

Nicki couldn’t find words to describe the love at first.

“Wow,” said Nicki again.


Nicki sat for a while and wrote what came.

I have it written (in Nicki’s beautiful artistic writing). 

It is written in purple expressive colour.

This is what it reads:


Give Spirit time to talk –

Spend time listening to what they say –

You are an amazing Ethereal being with a heart

made of an ethereal spiritual substance called love –

A heart of the New Earth.



Pink and gold.



The pink and gold refers to the colour of my aura.

“I have wrapped you up and sealed you in your colours for protection.

To protect your energy field.

Wow 🙂

Your colours are so beautiful.

They are pink with gold sparkles shining through.

Oh it is so beautiful.

And your heart.

Your heart.

Oh I can’t even find human words to describe it.

It is the most brilliant strong pink.


It is so pure.

Pure love.


The word ‘teacher’.

This is important.

You have a heart of the New Earth.

A time that is coming.

A time that humanity is evolving towards.

You’re a teacher 🙂


Nicki did not know I had been studying teaching or tutoring children and others.


I feel at peace.

I know my path.

I’m practising being present

and coming to one with myself –

so my energy is composed, grounded, calm and centred.


I spoke to an old friend last night.

“Our actions, however simple they may be, affect the whole of humanity,” I said.

“Wow,” said my friend.

“When you put it like that it changes everything.”


Every step is important.

Nurture yourself and give yourself unconditional love.

Connect to your true essence

Feel bliss 🙂 xox

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