J’adore scented candles 


They make me smile 🙂

As the candle flame flickers

behind my laptop

I listen to the sounds of neighbours chatting into the night

It’s comforting to have the sounds of others close by


At my friend’s house today

I saw Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice on the table


This inspired me to read literature

and continue to learn


My present experience =

I have limited amounts of concentration and focus

due to a big recovery from a brain injury

I love to let this go and continue to move forward

However, my body loves to remind me that alas

I have to take it slow

I never know

so I go with the flow

When the stars align and things fall into place

I have immense gratitude

And when they don’t I write

or think about writing

Or surfing 😉


For years I have had a pen and paper in hand

(well my whole life actually)

The pen and paper have always comforted me 

and soothed my soul


I feel ever so blessed to be having positive responses from others on this blog

Do you know I never knew about all of this until I discovered

the comments section one day

and the numbers of happy buttons pressed of ‘Likes’

in the top right hand corner.


Wow how this has helped build up my esteem

I go from strength to strength 

and everyday get a high from the positive feedback.

This lifts my spirits and I begin to adventure –

as far as my being will allow me

I marvel at what I discover…


My predicament is a funny one –

I can write a lot but my focus is limited

so I write and write and write

yet reading it back is another story.

This must be another part of the brain.

Fortunately the writing part is very well atuned

Maybe this is how God intended me to be

I go with the flow 

and trust how it is 

The positive bliss of happiness

is all we ever need

align to self

connect your love

grow with light

and shine

How marvellous it feels

to let your spirit the freedom to sing, dance and play

all the other nonsense drifts away

clear and free

grasped by the wind

to float ever on

and on….


The joy of living is to connect with others

to come together and smile brightly

Oh the love I feel of making this world a happy place

I live with love and a heart filled with grace

feel peace my dears in this beautiful space xoxoxoxoxox


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