The Autumn chill is setting in

Snuggled up in warm clothes

The change has come in days


The sun shines through my window

Feeling bliss

I smile

So many positive things to do

I’m going with the flow

“Allow your stars to guide you,” advised a wise old friend.

Trusting my intuition I am amazed

The answers reveal themselves

day by day

I could not be in a better place


What is the secret?

be present where you are 🙂


Listen to your inner guidance

Listen to your whole being


Stretch your body

stretch your mind

Open your heart

Connect with others


Smiling is contagious

A big beaming smile is a Universal language

Be positive

Share this bliss

Nothing is more powerful than this


Educate your self

Discover more

Learn positive strategies

and mindful techniques

It is through these processes that wisdom speaks




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