White feathers

White feathers are literally falling on me as I walk

It is so funny and this is very true

I said to my friends


And we watch them float down

They laugh with joy

My friend Jess’s eyes glistened last night

“Look!!!” I said

There were white feathers on the road as we drove home…


Three weeks ago I walked across Centennial park

A thousand white feathers lay across a big open space

On the green grass

Mum had told me it’s an Aboriginal women’s healing ground 

among the paperbark trees

I adventured towards the trees by the river

I layed down to rest 🙂


“Grandmother!!!” I said as I arrived home

“There have been more feathers!!!”

My Grandmother smiled

A big beaming smile 🙂


This week I was in the city

I imagined two things:

I wanted to see my brother

and be back on my home beach

Sure enough he picked me up

I had a white feather for him as I jumped in the car

I placed on the dashboard

And laughed brightly

“It’s an angel!!!” 

He smiled

When we getting close to our home beach

the feather swirled around him

“It just blessed you 🙂 I said.

He surfed til late

and he surfed so great 🙂

I hadn’t been to my home beach for years

I had journeyed to another time and place

My memory had been distorted

And as I did more things

It all came back

Restoring me to my true self


When I returned home

I saw an old friend

And he could see the glisten in my eye

“Your back 🙂 Oh I’m so happy to see you’re doing well!!!”


Yesterday after work

I decided to catch the ferry to Manly to watch

The Australian Open surfing contest and

to see my beautiful friends.

On the ferry I began to fold my white cotton cardigan

In it I found a feather threaded through

I smiled


Then a feather floated along the floor

I smiled even brighter

They are raising my vibration

and I can feel my whole self glistening 🙂


For every blessing I have so much gratitude

I feel in my heart a wonderful new adventure

has only just begun 😉

I’m enjoying every moment.

God bless xox


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