Entertain :)

“Entertain people

And make them laugh,” said Mr happy Giraffe.

I observed all the issues and trouble of the world.

What is the intelligent way forward??

Teach people how to live in harmony and peace.

May Governments be wise,

May people be strong.

May we all live happy and well.

May we all live long.

Communication is key.

Communication helps us to understand

And see clearly ๐Ÿ™‚

I turn off the news and listen to music.

This makes my heart sing.

My heart’s love comes first.

I love to educate myself and be aware.

However, my whole being does not like some of what I see

I choose not to turn away

but ponder wise strategies

to help people

embrace a better day ๐Ÿ™‚

And so I will let god speak

I trust the answers will come and flow


Take one day at a time

Live clear

Give love

For love is infinite

Connect to this peace

Feel a release

As the rest drifts away

Come with me

embrace a beautiful day

That’s why I surf

Gliding across the wave

Truly free

My whole heart sings


“Be still my dear,” I heard God say.

Inner stillness

Like crystal clear water

I reflect what is

A murmur of thought

Love is pure

It cannot be sold or bought


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