Forgiveness :)

I have learnt how to forgive…



Every being is learning


Skillful techniques

Learn to understand

What is another experiencing?

Why are they behaving in that way?


I love to look beneath

I honour everyone’s beautiful soul

I smile 🙂

Allowing myself to go with the flow

I am clear

I open myself to new experiences

I open my mind


I practise Yoga

and walk Mindfully along the beach

I breathe in the fresh air

Allowing it to fill my lungs

Allowing it to clear my soul

I release

I release the story

I have gratitude

Immense gratitude for this beautiful day 🙂

I have just been admiring photography

Admiring photographs and the visual in life

Is like a massage for your whole self

I absorb colours

I read a story through a photograph

As I observe

The more I see

It settles me

Every day I settle more

My biggest prayer has been for my energy to align

I practise being present, composed, humble

I open my heart

And allow my whole self to shine

With this I smile 🙂

Connecting with others is my favourite thing

When we connect we come to life

We marvel at what is

We learn

We grow

We seek

We discover

Oh how inspired I feel

I have immense gratitude for every blessing 🙂 xox

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