Oh joy 🙂

I feel so blessed 

Yesterday I found my dream board

It is white with a pink rim

There is a butterfly and flower logo in the middle

6′ perfect for me 🙂


I love it so much and the sheer joy =

catching so many waves.

I look forward to using it today.


The ocean is the best

Paddling around at my local break

I fall in love

With the fresh breeze

The bright colours

The tranquil blue of the sea

The green bush surrounds

The bright smiles 

of fellow surfers

or peaceful people walking along the beach

The glistening yellow sand


It is Heaven on earth

I feel in harmony with the tides

As it flows in and out

My body knows where to go


Catching the waves

Riding free

I have so much gratitude


Attitude is everything

I align with my true self

A glistening smile

Positive about wherever I am


“Turn everything into a meditation,” said my brother.

And so I do.

This enhances life.

My eyes begin to open wider and I see more.

It is a fresh new day.

Fresh and free

I look forward to every new discovery 🙂

God bless xox


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