Writing freely

This is rather interesting

I am observing how we learn

I have learnt to read people

Their body langauge, moods, belief systems, ideals

We develop at different rates

Therefore what have I learnt?

What works best?


Respect 🙂 Positive thoughts

Live from a calm, clear, grounded place

Go slowly


be present and very kind to yourself



I was given advice of how to see clearly:

Free yourself

Clear yourself of your ego, desires and negative thoughts

Ground yourself


I love doing this

with meditation on the beach

Soft sand, ocean spray

Inhaling pure bliss

cleansing my lungs


Life amazes me

I am aware

I pray for what I need

I have immense gratitude as the answers and support arrive


What has this taught me?

Love speaks to us in many ways

A person’s loving kindness

Kind words


Clear understanding

clear guidance


How do I feel?

I want the best for everyone


Yes it is Autumn but the time has come for a Spring clean

Out with everything that I do not need

Giving away for another to discover and treasure

I love giving

In giving we receive

I love seeing people smile

I love watching people ignite with joy


I love shining

I love when others shine


We share

we care

we love

we live

we give



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  1. JKBradley
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 13:59:38



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