Writing is beautiful because it helps me to open my eyes.

I observe everything

I observe the details

My senses become more aware

All of a sudden I begin to walk more slowly

and connect with everything in life.

I appreciate the colours of the water,

the boats bobbing in them.

The sky, the clouds, the surf.

Mother’s with their children at the playground.


A group of young boys skating free.


swimmers in the ocean.

Beautiful houses.

people going about their daily lives or work.


It has all been there the whole time

but now my eyes are clear

I see with a renewed vision.


Today I am feeling a bit more quiet.

Like all the events of yesterday have come to settle.

My being is cruising at a Mindful pace.

I have gratitude for this.

Our being’s are wise –

they guide us to where we are supposed to be 

and what we are supposed to be doing.


Tutoring my friend this morning went so well.

His reading is flowing with grace.

We are both so positive about the experience.

he learns to spell.

he becomes observant of letters, word formation, sentence structure

and the way a story develops.

I quiz him on the meaning of a story.


Today he read two stories:

One on Water and the other friendship.


Afterwards I went to the park by the water

where all the school holiday children play.

Then a walk home via the surf.

Checking the surf is a must 🙂


I observed flowers, numbers, everything I could take in.

I inhaled the colours and felt bliss.

I exhaled and released everything I do not need to carry.


Here I sit researching for the children’s books I am endeavouring to write.


My tutor friend’s backyard was inspiration:

His cubby house he had made himself,

his trampoline filled with soccer and basketballs.

The big tall tree with wasps and big seed pods.

A tuscan style table and chairs.

A vege patch

and big, tall green grass.


The story has begun 🙂



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