Inspiring Day :)

Walking every beach

Enjoying the big surf

Watching the surfers

Riding free

Amazing Grace

Catching up with friends

And meeting lovely walkers and others enjoying the view

Savouring the bookstore

Charles Dickens mug saying ‘Great Expectations’

is on the counter

I feel overjoyed sharing my stories

The lady says calmly,

“It’s a sign.

You’re supposed to read it πŸ™‚

Signs come for a reason.

If we ignore them,

they will continue to come in a louder and clearer way

so you will listen to them.”

At the end of savouring interesting books

I purchase the great novel.

The lady and her husband are lovely

“Follow the yellow brick road πŸ™‚

smiles her husband.

“My old neighbour calls it my feather trail πŸ™‚

I reply with a smile.

I take it wherever it leads me…

Each discovery is beautiful

Beautiful people

Beautiful scenery

Lovely conversations

My heart is warm

I feel protected

and have so much gratitude for life

Love Ash

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