Writing freely

Because I can 🙂


It makes me feel at ease

I think of Heaven…

Pure love

The most beautiful feeling


I surrender to this love

Unconditional love


Harmony is here

I practise living well


Spending time with interesting people


Developing stories


Positive thoughts are paramount


Everything else is clear

Writing is my craft

And so I practise


When my body says

Take it slow

Still my writing seems to flow

Maybe it is my release?

A way of expressing myself

And connecting to peace


“You are here for a reason,” said the spiritual healer.

“I know why you float away. It feels lovely up there, the place out there where you choose to go…However, we are only as spiritual as we are grounded. Practise living clear and know in your heart why you are here. You are a teacher, a writer. This is your life purpose. Connect with love and communicate clearly. Your words will teach. Your words will guide…

Connecting to an inspiration that is beyond this dimension

You are connected to something way out there…

Bring it here

Be a dear”  🙂


I know this is important

I am completely present

I have full acceptance

Awakened to now

In the clear

A positive sunbeam smiling here


I listen to beautiful music

And organise what I can



Swimming free

Enjoying today

Letting it be


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