Inspiration :)

An old friend is so lovely.

We have collaborated about children’s books in the past.

I shared with him that my special friend has been coming to me

My friend was very relaxed 🙂

He paused then spoke.

“Write when he comes.

Any time day or night,

write ideas that you get.

You are tapped into something special.

Something out there in another dimension.

Write everything that comes to you.”

He was so gentle, calm and clear. His loving care helped support me to be free and open with it.

I already felt at ease but it is so lovely when people are caring and kind with even further clarification.

I have an angel book:

How to Hear your Angels by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

I also have Doreen Virtue Angel cards.

I have always loved using them.

My Spiritual Healer friend has an Angel Therapy Certificate from doing a course with Doreen Virture.

This friend confirmed what I had instinctively thought and felt.

“Your friend has a message for you.

He wants to write it through you.

Write at dawn or dusk,

when the veil has lifted between Heaven and Earth.

The message will write clearly.

The first few pages may be just you emptying your mind.

Observe, about page three is when the message will come through.

Write with your eyes half open.

He will write through you.”


I have been gentle with the process and respectful.

I want to remove my ego and only live with good intentions for the Highest good of all.

My Angel Book says that God can read our hearts and minds and knows our true intentions.

This put me at ease.

The journey is between us and God.

If we live purely, with love in our hearts, we can trust the process of life.

It will nurture our every need.

We must take good care of ourselves 🙂


Today I read in my Angel book that famous people can help us too.

I looked down at Charles Dickens’ book Great Expectations and smiled.

A trail of white feathers had led me to his marble statue in Centennial Park.

I called my Uncle to discover Dickens had just turned 200 in February.

Dad came and took a photo of me holding a feather that looked like it had ink in it’s spine.

I knew it was a sign. A gift from Dickens. A quill filled with ink ready for me to use.

Now I have his book and last night sat next to a lady who is from his town.

And so the signs keep coming.

I listen and smile.

It is rather lovely 🙂

I’m taking it slowly.

In such a calm space.

That’s how I can focus

and the clear words flow 🙂


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