Clear Water

A settled soul 🙂

Listening to the most beautiful music

Typing away

It’s my day off

A time to dream away

The surf is clear

Fun waves to be had

With this my heart smiles

And I am glad


I have learnt to be still

And appreciate what is

Gratitude for all of this


“We have so much to learn,” said my friend.

Every time we see one another we exchange Spiritual wisdom, insights

and experiences that have been occurring.

We strengthen with each other.


Number 7 appeared on the crate he was working with.

Number 7 means, “You’re on  the right path… keep going!!!”


According to my Doreen Virtue

Angel Therapy Handbook.


It is so special,

our angels communicate with numbers.

Now I know what they mean I can read messages sent with love

from all our heavenly friends above.


Loving support, clear guidance, peace always

Respect xox


Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience



I had a beautiful weekend in the sunshine with my friends.

We sat on the Harbour

The sunlight was dancing on the water

It was Heaven


We shared our stories

Our love is so strong

Like sisters we have shared so much


I was thinking about the big picture

Of everything happening in the world right now and the best direction in which to go


Wisdom is Mindfulness

To be fully present

Appreciating each moment

I feel like my eyes are opening

wider every day

Like a veil has been lifted and I can see clearly

A clarity that I have so much gratitude for


When we are present

when we are aware

when we listen

we can flow with where we are supposed to go

and what we are supposed to do


The Spirit leads us all home

with love and peace

This moment is such a blessing 🙂

Free Spirit

I’m going to write freely

Speaking our truth

We open our hearts

Communicating what we think and feel

What is important to us

We begin to understand ourselves

We begin to understand one another


We learn patience



Gratitude for what is

The perfect lessons that float our way


We observe

We enjoy

We connect

We love

We live

We give


Free Spirits

Roaming the world

Appreciating every experience


Grounding ourselves

In the natural world

Flowing with the tide of life 

Sunny days

It’s the most beautiful sunny day 🙂

Time to enjoy

The birds are singing

the air is fresh

the waves are perfect

The water temperature is still so warm

perfect for a paddle

The sunlight dances on the water

crystal clear drops

reflecting golden sparkles across the water

it is Heaven

People swim in the ocean pool

as surfers ride free

It’s the perfect day to enjoy

and live beautifully 🙂 xox

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