What’s the best way to teach?


Be clear

Clear and present


Taking care of one’s own wellbeing

Bringing awareness to the here and now


I love being present

Aware of the beautiful day

Appreciating everything

nature, architecture, people

Friendships, connecting



Life is such a beautiful gift

I get so much joy when I see old friends

Friends I grew up surfing with

It brings the biggest smile to my face


My happiest memories are surfing


I remembered that when I surfed lots

and my confidence was high

I was fearless


When I had been overseas

surfing on reefbreaks

I came back home

Surfing on the sandy beaches

was easy

With this new found confidence

I pulled into barrels


I felt the rhythm of the ocean

I felt at one with it


I feel the rhythm of my keyboard in the same way

I feel the flow of my writing

I am present


It feels lovely


I love the beauty of life

The beauty of the flow

Gracefully gliding as we grow


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