I flow with my feelings

I flow with grace

I let go of all

And feel a sense of freedom

I trust life to care for me

And guide me with grace to where ever it is that my soul is meant to go

A jouney lit with flowers and pretty stars

A journey lit with the warmth of loving friends

Friends who send their love and only want the best for you

Friends who love to see you smile and smile with you

For friendship is a Heaven sent gift

We are like cherubs who sing upon a tree

Picking flower posies

And dancing like a fairy 🙂

And so we love

And so we grow

For we will be taken

Swept up in the wave to wherever it is that we need to go

And do you know what?

I get such a pleasant surprise

When I open my eyes

For it is all so incredibly beautiful 🙂


Love 🙂

We are all the same

Like a rainbow

Different shades

Reflecting the light in our own unique way

This is a treasure that makes life glow even brighter


Connecting with others is what I love best

Chatting and learning

Loving and living

So much beauty to discover

Treasures to be found

When we go with the flow

Amazing creations are everyday

I slow down and take it all in

My eyes open ever so widely

I slow my pace

and see all the creations of nature

and people’s creative minds

Every day a new beginning

Every breath a gift

Feel clear and cleansed

Awaken and enjoy all of this

For our life journey is the greatest gift 🙂 xoxoxox

With love and light

We all shine bright

Like an effervescent sparkle

or a moonbeams rays

So many sparkles lighten up our every day xox



Check out Anaessia at The Strand Sydney CBD and step into Heaven 🙂 xox



Today I discovered the most beautiful store.

It is like a fairy tale,

every girls dream 🙂


The dresses fall from a Heavenly dream

with grace they flow from ceiling to floor

with beauty everywhere

your eyes will wander in awe


How pretty a creation

To make every woman feel beautiful


Heaven dreamt

Heaven sent

Enjoy the gifts from Anaessia 🙂

Bless xox

Spiritual Children’s Books





Woman Dreaming – Xavier Rudd



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