Elijah’s First Love


Elijah’s First Love


Once upon a time there was a beautiful boy named Elijah.

Elijah was loving and kind to everyone.

He had a beautiful smile and big blue eyes that glistened in the sunlight.

Elijah loved to go surfing.

He began surfing when he was five years old.

His Mum took him to the beach because he loved it so much.

Elijah’s Mum watched him from the shore.


One day as I was walking on the beach, I met his Mum.

“Elijah begs me to bring him down to the beach so he can surf,” said his Mum proudly.


Elijah had a very small surfboard.

It was the perfect size for him.

Elijah loved the sea salty water, the fresh breeze, and Elijah especially loved his colourful wetsuit.


In the surf Elijah made very special friends.


One day he was amazed when a beautiful girl paddled out into the ocean.

Her green eyes sparkled in the sunlight.

Elijah fell in love.

The girl smiled sweetly at Elijah.

Their friendship grew through a mutual understanding. 

They felt each other’s energy.

Few words were said.

They just stared and smiled instead.

Wave for wave they rode to the shore.

Their smiling eyes glistened like never before.

The girl swam deep, like a mermaid she flowed.

With an Angelic aura, her whole soul glowed.


“Who is this girl?” Elijah thought to himself.

“My surfing Angel,” he smiled as he felt his heart begin to fill with love. Pure love.


The girl smiled back.

The Angelic beauty felt the same.

They even smiled and giggled in the pouring rain.

Their love grew strong.

They each felt they belonged.

Such a special love lifted their Spirits,

like a soaring dove.


Feeling ever so strong and ever so brave,

Together they surfed so many,

So many beautiful waves 🙂


Copyright Ashley Willcox 2012

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