The Sixth Face of Healing:
Creating Your Life

Healing, on any level, is really a process of re-membering, calling back the lost pieces of our spirit to become holy, or whole. The word “Spirit” comes from the Latin word “Spiritus “which means breath. As we breath the air fills our lungs, fuels our blood and courses through our being. As we call back the lost pieces of our Spirit we are infused with life and with a lightness of heart.

Once we become healed and whole, we realize our function is creative and expressive. What will you create with your life? What works of art, works of heart will you call your own at the end of this journey through this time and this space? Will your art be relationship, career, decor, landscape, poetry, writing, or other human lives touched by the brightness of your own soul. Dear ones, do not forget who you are. Return to the mythical garden of Eden.

The garden is inside your heart, waiting to be tended, waiting to be cultivated into a myriad expression of life and light and color. Dig inside, find the hard soil in rocky hearts and feed it. Spirit plants the seeds; what soil will they fall on? Fertilize them with your self-love, nurture them with the company of those who support you, shade them with rest, water them with tears, and in the soil washed clean, you will grow into the beautiful being that you are. You are the garden, of the garden, in the garden. Once you re-member, once you discover your wholeness and perfection, you will flower and bloom into your unique expression.

This mask calls us to remember that your life is unique — you are unique. Out of the ashes, the phoenix bird arises, given new life. You are healed! You are free! Where will you fly? Will you choose careers and relationships that are right for everyone else but you, or will you create the ones you love? The sun shines brightly on your life. Every day is a new opportunity to create life as you would like it to be. Why color inside the lines? Life is messy!

Being human means being imperfect, or more accurately realizing that we are perfect in spite of what we label imperfection. Open your mouth! Speak your truth! Walk your talk! Wear your colors! Stand tall and be proud of who you are. Healed and whole, your function is creative. Live your life as a work of art. Express beauty in all that you say and do. What a wonderful tapestry we will weave together, each of us different facets of the same gem called humanity. Sparkle with your own light and live the life that is authentically yours! 


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