I flow with my feelings

I flow with grace

I let go of all

And feel a sense of freedom

I trust life to care for me

And guide me with grace to where ever it is that my soul is meant to go

A jouney lit with flowers and pretty stars

A journey lit with the warmth of loving friends

Friends who send their love and only want the best for you

Friends who love to see you smile and smile with you

For friendship is a Heaven sent gift

We are like cherubs who sing upon a tree

Picking flower posies

And dancing like a fairy πŸ™‚

And so we love

And so we grow

For we will be taken

Swept up in the wave to wherever it is that we need to go

And do you know what?

I get such a pleasant surprise

When I open my eyes

For it is all so incredibly beautiful πŸ™‚


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